Maintain the cleanliness of your pool

Maintain the cleanliness of your pool through the above ground pool vacuum.
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Having a pool in your home is an asset that adds beauty and attraction. However, maintaining and keeping it clean always requires hard work and patience. Nevertheless, nowadays cleaning your pool is not any more big hassles because of the swim pool cleaners that are available in the market. One of these pool cleaners is the above ground pool vacuum. If you wish to have this kind of pool cleaner, it is important for you to know how to use it.

Before you proceed on learning how to operate the equipment, you should first know the parts of the above ground pool vacuum. This pool vacuum has the vacuum head as well as a vacuum hose. The next step that you should learn is how to assemble the equipment. For the vacuum to operate you need to connect the vacuum head and hose together. Make sure that the parts are properly connected and inserted appropriately. In addition, you must see to it that there is a hole beneath the water and on the side of the pool that would blow air and water. The air that coming out from the hole will push the air out of the vacuum hose and the air produces bubbles. The trash that you pick from the bottom of the pool is directed on the debris basket. Move the above ground pool vacuum at a slower pace just like what you do when vacuuming your home. Proper maintenance of your pool would not only make it inviting but also promotes hygiene and good health in general.

Robo-Kleen above ground electric swimming pool cleaner
If you are maintaining a large pool in your home, it is recommended that you use Robo-Kleen pool cleaner. It would help you to easily clean your pool and maintain its cleanliness all the time. Although you have a filter system in your pool it is also important to regularly clean the pool by using the above-ground pool vacuum. It is very easy to use and operate after plugging it. It can clean up the entire pool floor up to 31 feet in diameter. Likewise, this type of above ground pool vacuum saves electricity cost because it uses low voltage motor and automatically shut off after three hours of operation.

However, it is also important to use transformer although it operates automatically. Make sure to lower down first the pool vacuum before plugging and turning it on. In addition, it also saves chemical cost and programmable to vacuum the entire floor of your pool. The debris and trashes are trapped in onboard filters that is why it is assured that no debris is left.

LIL Shark above ground automatic swimming pool cleaner
This model of above ground pool vacuum cleaner is designed to remove both small and large debris out in your pool. Aside from being versatile, you can get this pool vacuum in reasonable price. Even your pool has lower flow rates you can still operate this cleaner. This is good to clean dished out pools and even flat bottom pools. It requires less maintenance but ensures efficient and reliable service. You can easily assemble it without using any tools. Likewise, you can operate this equipment directly on the suction of your pump and filter system to ensure that all the trash is removed.

Another advantage of this above ground pool vacuum is that it does not only vacuum the pool floor but also scrubs it. Scrubbing is also important to remove other types of debris such as stains in the tiles. You can get this equipment from a retail store online or at the nearest store in your area. One-year manufacturer warrant is given once you purchase this pool cleaner.

Aqua products Inc Aquabot Pool Rover above ground pool cleaner
This robotic pool vacuum cleaner can clean up above ground pool in less than an hour. If your pool is flat-bottomed you can ideally use this above ground pool vacuum in the fastest, easiest and efficient way. In addition, it minimizes your time cleaning the entire floor of your pool. Thus, instead of cleaning your pool you can enjoy and spend your time swimming on it.

However, you should be extra careful when buying pool cleaners. Make sure to get one that can work even without the filtration system. Likewise, keep in mind that the filtration system of your pool is designed to filter the pool water and not to clean the pool floor. That is why it still needs to get above ground pool vacuum to do the constant cleaning. Using this model of above ground pool vacuum requires less effort in your part because of the touch system designed on it. As the name implies, this robot cleaner is computer controlled that is why it can operate completely without holding it.

Dirt Devil Pool Boy above ground Robotic Pool Cleaner
Another design of above ground pool vacuum cleaner is the Pool Boy Robotic cleaner. It can efficiently clean up 24′ diameter pool floor less than an hour. It is not bulky and cluttering to use it and can operate independently without the help of the pool’s filtration system and pump. Generally, this above ground pool vacuum is designed with outstanding features such as energy saving as well as saves cost in chemicals used for cleaning. It automatically shut off after 2 hours of operation that is why you need not worry if you left it unplugged. Likewise, it ensures that all the trashes including the microscopic algae are removed in the pool. You can also use it not only on the pool floors but also in the walls of the pool as it can climb up to 30 degrees inclination. You can also reuse the filter bag after emptying the trash from it.

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